About Girl Child Concerns

Girl Child Concerns (GCC) is a Registered Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to improving the lives of youth particularly girls through improved education opportunities while ensuring availability of qualitative broad based education for all young people regardless of class or gender in the country. GCC is working in empowering and promoting girl child education and provides educational support to young people through its Female Students Scholarships Scheme (FSSS), Safe Spaces and life skills development.Through a comprehensive approach  the process of the scholarship scheme is built in such a way that  the girl-child is not only offered formal education but also armed with general life skills, sexuality education and in the process age of marriage is delayed. (Over 200 girls have graduated from secondary school under the scholarship scheme and we have almost 300 presently placed in various girls boarding schools in four states across the North )

GCC also works towards ensuring the attainment of womens’ human rights and reproductive rights through information sharing on reproductive health issues and other educational- based enrichment programs  for vulnerable girls and adolescent mothers. To achieve its goals, the organization targets the Legislature, Institutions, Communities, Traditional & Religious leaders, Parents, Adolescent girls  and other stakeholders to influence formulation of  policies and community interventions  that impact positively on education and health of young people in particular. Over the years, the organization has worked with local communities, particularly in northern Nigeria towards ensuring that young people are given the opportunities they need to develop into informed adults who are able to make informed decisions about their lives.

GCC also conducts strategic research and has undertaken research with support from IPAS on factors that influence reproductive health of adolescents. It is using desk review and evidence generated from other studies to show that Participating in the Girl Child Education reduced the probability of being married by 64 per cent.( 2007 DRHS. Kaplan-Meier estimates of the proportion of women unmarried)

Girl Child Concerns is supported by competent, experienced and versatile staff. It is headed by a Board Chairperson Dr Mairo Mandara and she is supported by key Board members namely; Dr Hamid Bobboyi, Mrs Maryam Othman (Former National Amirah FOMWAN), Nuratu Jimoh Batagarawa (Director service policy & strategies office-OHCSF) and  Ibrahim Buba (Executive Chairman NewAge Network).

We have strength and capacity in effectively working with and for girls and young people by adapting the open space technology to all our programming activities. This strategy which ensures girls are fully involved in programming  on issues that affect them  has greatly assisted us in creating a formidable group of girl ambassadors equipped with legislative advocacy skills  in the state that have been interacting with the Executives  and other key stakeholders through Girl-Led Advocacy campaigns. Their Campaigns has  taken them to the deputy Governor and other  stakeholders in Kaduna State  including commissioners  and their message which have received high acceptance  are aimed at addressing the need for urgent educational reform in the state.

Girl Child Concerns Video


This is in recognition of our outstanding work with girls.
The Grand Prize  included certificate and  the production of a professional video that tells the story of  our organization’s work with adolescent girls,
which  demonstrates the value of our work with girls.Girl Effect University Worked
with us to develop a 
compelling storyline and script to highlight our work with adolescent girls by sending  a video team into the

 field to film interviews with our staff and the girls in our programme and Deliver to us — a professional-quality video produced by NIKI to promote our work.

Girl Child Concerns Safe Spaces Programme from Girl Effect University on Vimeo.