Girl Education - The Islamic Perspective

Does Islam differentiate between male and female in seeking knowledge or education?

 “Education” is one of the most important obligations vested on human kind. Quest for education is one of the cardinal principles of Islam, on which serious emphasis is laid.

Coming at a time when the Muslim world is under siege intellectually, most particularly northern Nigeria, this book; “GIRL CHILD EDUCATION: THE ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE” will provide readers with a working tool for advocacy on the importance of girl child education.

By and large, scholars, NGOs and others alike, as well as learning centers will find this book handy, because it has espoused the origin as well as the provision of Islam on the girl child education from the original source, i.e; from Qur'an and Sunnah.

The method of approach and communication is s I m p l e, elucidating a n d captivating, though more needs to be done. The language is easily understood and there is clarity of meaning throughout the whole book. Another important feature of the book is the apparent attachment to the Arabic texts as much as possible, which signifies originality of the source from which the lessons were drawn.

This work is highly recommended for NGOs that is working on education or girl’s education, students, researchers and the general public. May Allah, the Exalted reward in manifolds all those that made this important work a reality. Amin.

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Girl Education   The Islamic Perspective

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