Community Engagement



One of the key objectives of GCC is to create community awareness and sustain interest of community members in girl child education. GCC also supports inventive ways for communities to ensure that all children (especially girls and the most vulnerable) are able to access quality education within the structure of national education plans - in a way that links to promotion of Girl Child Education.

We do that by Engaging in campaigns on specific education issues in communities and byenhancing the capacity of communities and enabling them to develop concepts for their betterment.

Over the years we have been able to  mobilize and strengthen some communities to come together and be the vanguards and agents of change by ensuring an increase in the number of children that transit to secondary school especially girls within their communities. We have also carried out community- based programs that emphasize on the importance of girl child education and so that parents and other community players become sustainable agents of girl education. This aspect of the GCC project addresses key, locally based issues affecting girls' enrolment, retention and completion of secondary education.

The outcomes of such interventions are Communities are empowered to insist on their rights to quality education for their children.

In Kurmin Kaduna, a riverine community surrounded by 10 other smaller villages in igabi local government area of Kaduna state, there only access to a secondary school is via a section of the River Kaduna. However as a result of our intervention, the people are now demanding the state to build a school for their children and community members  have donated a piece of land for that purpose.

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